The Department of Archaeology is an educational and research unit of NBU, whose main aim is to establish and maintain educational programs on archeology meeting European standards on the development of multidisciplinary archаeology and the integration of cultural heritage in the process of formation of civil society. The research activity of the Department’s faculty is focused on several key areas: settlement and burial archeology, models of social evolution and systems of exchange, ethnic changes and migrations and transformation of settlement patterns. Related activities include project work and archaeological research in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Romania and Georgia.The implementation of the projects has high scientific aims, significantly upgrading the existing level of studies, while at the same time contributing to the development of interdisciplinary and international cooperation within the academic community.


Since 1994, the Department has issued the Yearbook of the Department of Archaeology – NBU, publishing faculty research as well as students’ articles and studies. In 2004, the Department established a permanent seminar: "Archaeology: Discoveries and Problems", in whose framework prominent researchers from universities and research institutes present their latest ideas and studies discussed in follow-up open forums.


Students in the Archeology programs have the opportunity to supplement their theoretical knowledge through practical work on the following research sites of the Department of Archaeology:

  • Late antique settlement complex and early Christian monastery at Gorno Novo selo, Chirpan district, head: Assist. Prof. Dr. Boyan Dumanov;
  • Hellenistic settlement near Orizare, Nessebar municipality, head: Assist. Prof. Dr. Zhivko Uzunov;
  • Emporium "Discoduratere", head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ilian Boyanov;
  • Medieval settlement at Gradishte place, Mirkovo, Sofia region, head: Assist. Prof. Dr. Boyan Dumanov;
  • Archeological site of 2000–1000 BC at Bresto, village of Banya, Razlog municipality; head: Assist. Prof. Dr. Bogdan Atanassov.

The Department has a well-equipped Laboratory of Archaeometry and experimental archeology where students gain valuable practical experience by working with collections of artifacts.
Department faculty teach and participate in seminars as guest lecturers in universities in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, Turkey, Romania and Hungary in the framework of exchange contracts signed under the Erasmus program. Under the same framework professors from partner universities participate in the permanent seminar of the Department of Archaeology.

By studying Archeology students can pursue an academic and research career in museums and other institutions of cultural heritage management, while it can also serve as a starting point for career development in a wide range of professions including the media, publishing, etc.

Scholarship program of the Foundation “Unrestricted Contacts” for first year students from the following programs: Anthropology, Bulgarian Cultural History and Museums, Egyptology, Art and Arts Management, History and Archeology, Classical languages, Ancient Culture and Literature, Philosophy.


Department Chair:
Assist. Prof. Boyan Dumanov, Ph.D.
Building 2, Room 219 ext: 22192
tel.: 02/ 8110 269
e-mail: bdumanov@nbu.bg

Irena Dimitrova
Building 2, Room 219
tel.: 02/8110 289
e-mail: idimitrova@nbu.bg